Leave the lifestyle of anxious urgency, harmful haste, digital distraction, and overwhelm.

Learning the unforced rhythms of grace, in a series of five daily emails, Patrick shares his own journey into freedom using unlikely means.

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    Patrick Mayfield

    Author of Practical People Engagement and Leading Yourself

    Who am I?

    I am an author, coach, husband, father, grandfather and advocate for people who have a creative spark, the innovators, what I call the "Positive Outliers."
    I live in Oxfordshire, UK and write a monthly newsletter.

    What will you learn?

    • How to move from a distracted, fragmented attention to calm focus.
    • Move beyond content-driven online training to a unique journey that fits you
    • Everything is valuable learning, including apparent failure.
    • An appreciation of the old way, the hard way, the most profound way