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welcome to the group page

Here you will find resources exclusive to the Outlier Group.

From here you can access:

  • The Leader’s Map Room
  • Other information and resources, such as the video recordings of meetings
  • Discussion Forum. Create and contribute to discussions in the Group. See below.

The Outlier GroupCode of Conduct

Below is broad Code of Conduct for the Group. It applies to the facilitators as well as to you, the member

  • Confidentiality. The Group works best in a high-trust culture. So, we respect your confidentiality. Unless you give us written permission, all personally identifiable matters you share with the Group stays within the Group. We expect all members to observe this as well. We will terminate a membership if this code is ignored or breached.
  • Value.  We value you. We value all members. We believe honouring each other is one of the best ways we can encourage and support each other. We will look for the gold in you. This is a non-negotiable part of the culture of the Outlier Group.
  • Attendance. We expect members to commit to the monthly meeting. However, we recognise that members are busy, with multiple demands on their time. If you have problems attending, please let one of us know in advance.
  • Overrunning meetings. We will honour your time commitments to a Group meeting. If a meeting is likely to overrun for some reason, please feel free to excuse yourself.
  • Recordings. Meetings of any kind within the group will be recorded. However, if any attendee requests all or part of the discussion to be deleted or removed, we will do so at the earliest possible moment.
  • No longer for you? If ever the Group no longer serves you, then please tell us. We will remain committed to you and are happy to serve you in other ways if we can.

The Leader’s Map Room

This resource is part of your Outlier Group Membership. The idea is to take a leadership model (map) and distill it into a simple, short whiteboard video. 

New maps are added each month with downloadable resource. The room includes maps on:

  • leading organisations
  • leading teams
  • leading one-to-one
  • leading oneself
  • outlier maps.

discussion forum

Please leave you comments, questions, suggestions and responses here.

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