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Hi, I’m Patrick Mayfield.

Welcome to my site. I don’t know how you found me, but I’m glad you are here.

I am an author. I write. On this page you will find some of my titles below.

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My Main Titles

Below are my main, best-selling titles.

Also, you will see one or two that will be published shortly, which you can pre-order from me. I have designed it this way so that you can also check out what I am currently working on.

Thinking It Out – My Latest Work

Thinking It Out: For Clarity Connection & Creativity, is my latest book. It concerns the rise of networked note-making apps, and concepts like PKM, Second Brain and zettelkasten. There are some true breakthroughs in recent years, that have been proven to improve significantly mental clarity, connection of ideas and creative breakthroughs… but not in the way most people think. This is for anyone who’s role is to help make better decisions based on learning: a so-called knowledge worker.

I am experimenting with publishing this book in a very different way, using a lean publishing model. Whatever version of the digital work (epub or pdf) you buy, you will get all future versions for free. Further, I will improve it from feedback from you, the reader, and am prepared to include you in the Acknowledgements by name, if you wish, when I finally product the print version.
So, join me in this experiment and help me republish an even better book!

You can buy the ebook or pdf or both here.

Stakeholder Engagement

Let me be blunt:
I don’t like the term “stakeholder engagement” and even worse is a term still common in project management: “stakeholder management”! I prefer to call people ‘people.’

So I titled my main work here Practical People Engagement: Leading Change through the Power of relationships.

When I was nearing my publishing date, I was approached by an international management qualifications body who asked if they could use it as the core reference for a new qualification in stakeholder engagement. It is now read and studied by managers all over the world.

You can order your own paperback or e-book copy here.

Personal Agency

Before you can influence or lead anyone else, you have to learn how to lead your own life.

Agency is a term used by psychologists to mean several things, but essentially it is the ability for you and me make a difference. We can grow in a sense that we are getting traction in life. We become learners of the results we get and adapt to get better ones.

Leading Yourself: Succeeding from the Inside Out shares what I discovered about the high-performers and how I began to work it out for myself.

You can order your own paperback or e-book copy here.

Spiritual Development

I aim to follow Christ, so this one will not appeal to everyone. (Come to think of it, which of my titles do?)

For quite a few years now, I have journalled. One day, my journal turned into a conversation with God. Writing with God: the Transforming Intimacy of the Soul Journal describes how this happened, what happened next and the impact it has made upon me.

In a very real sense, it made me quite averse to forms of religion I had previous experienced and thought of as normal.

Since then many others have told me of similar impacts their soul journal has had upon them.

Your can order your own paperback or e-book copy here.