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Something has changed in the world of knowledge work. We seem to be under pressure more, driven, and bombarded by weapons of mass distractionas someone calls them. Focus is fractured. Our productivity can plummet. People feel bounced from one thing to another. Many have become resigned to this and have come to believe that this is just they way things are.

It needn’t be. 

I began to write about this key area in response to a concern: people around me were acutely time-poor; they were overwhelmed. More than ever a clear path to greater self-leadership seems to be necessary right now.

In Leading Yourself: Succeeding from the Inside Out, I examine the issues of time management and productivity, but I go deeper, into how we see ourselves and our calling.  

And the responses to my book and to the associated online workshop have been brilliant. People are discovering a way of working that does not mean they are constantly driven, but where they make powerful choices.

Patrick Mayfield, Author

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  • ​Approaches to reducing the working week by several hours.
  • ​Viewing one’s daily priority in a different, refreshing way.
  • Learning to identify the ‘No’ and say it as a route to emotional resilience.
  • Building a powerful daily routine.
  • Connecting with your true identity.

This is a truly great book, including issues around personal time, space and energy, issues of your “very soul” which should not be neglected and issues of relationships.

Dr Pete CarterDirector of Eastgate, and Author of Raising Lazarus

It’s a really interesting read, and I’ve identified lots of areas of application for myself!

Katy DustingProject Manager and Coach

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