Leading Others

One of the outstanding differences we have found in high-performing change leaders and project managers is their leaning to people and the way they practice this​​. Stakeholder engagement (‘stakeholder management’ as it is wrongly called) became so important to me that I wrote a book about it. That book has now become a best-seller, adopted as the core reference for an international qualification in stakeholder engagement. 

Practical People EngagementPractical People Engagement

  • ​Research-based. The book distills what high-performing project managers and change leaders do to get their results.
  • Written for the practitioner in mind. This is not an academic treatise, but is a practical resource written in a clear, unfussy style.
  • A wealth of practices and techniques. Shows how to create a scaleable engagement strategy that is appropriate for your project.
  • 7 timeless principles that will work in any engagement context.
  • ​This book has been adopted as the core reference for the International Stakeholder Engagement Qualification. This book is so rich in detail and coverage that it is the core reference for APMG International’s Stakeholder Engagement qualification.
  • This book alone is a powerful tool to develop your leadership skills.

In this age of technology overload, it is refreshing to re-focus on what makes the greatest difference: human relationships. This book offers a wealth of guidance and techniques for all change agents, significantly enhancing existing methodologies. A truly valuable resource.

Nathalie CollisterChief Examiner for Stakeholder Engagement, APMG International

Overall a great read and broad coverage of the subject.

Stephen JennerAuthor of Managing Benefits

Something I have enjoyed immensely is that it is as if Patrick is chatting to his readers – huge engagement with the readers!

Anne BellinganManagement Trainer