One of the outstanding differences we have found in high-performing change leaders and project managers is their leaning to people and the way they practice this​​. Stakeholder engagement (‘stakeholder management’ as it is wrongly called) became so important to me that I wrote a book about it. That book has now become a best-seller, adopted as the core reference for an international qualification in stakeholder engagement. 

Practical People EngagementPractical People Engagement

In this age of technology overload, it is refreshing to re-focus on what makes the greatest difference: human relationships. This book offers a wealth of guidance and techniques for all change agents, significantly enhancing existing methodologies. A truly valuable resource.

Nathalie CollisterChief Examiner for Stakeholder Engagement, APMG International

Overall a great read and broad coverage of the subject.

Stephen JennerAuthor of Managing Benefits

Something I have enjoyed immensely is that it is as if Patrick is chatting to his readers – huge engagement with the readers!

Anne BellinganManagement Trainer