Last Post?

I think I had lost focus. It’s easily done. 

One of the key areas was something that unsettled me… a lot. 

It was this realisation: 

Blogging is dead 

For me, at least, it is.

This shift in my thinking came from gaining clarity about who it is that I serve. 

This is the part where I think I had lost some focus. The person I aim to serve is the subscriber to my newsletters and emails. I’m a little embarrassed about this because I coach people, among other matters, to sharpen their focus, and my subscribers should have been my focus all along, not an anonymous audience who may or may not read my posts. 

I realise now that writing a blog post—which I have done for years, with a break during the pandemic—is distracting vanity. I have enjoyed writing my posts, but they have had their day. So, this blog post will, in effect, be my last.

My subscribers have signed up because they are interested in what I have to say about becoming a positive outlier, someone who lives an extraordinary, unusually effective life. I help them work that out from their spirit. 

This is what I intend to offer people from now on. If you subscribe below, I will email you exclusively, my new book in instalments, entitled: Becoming a Positive Outlier, where I will share with you all aspects of a deep, full life: 

  • from engaging the key people around us; 
  • to ordering our personal resources; 
  • to gaining emotional wellness and intellectual clarity; 
  • to connecting with our logos, our meaning, at the deepest levels of our being. 

I want to lay out for you how we can all do this in an integrated way, rather than treating these aspects of our life as separate silos or buckets. So, every month, I will send my subscribers a new chapter from this book. Absolutely free. 

We begin in the first chapter with a discovery I made over chocolate digestives, jammy dodgers and custard creams (‘cookies’, if you don’t understand those varieties of English ‘biscuits’). 

So, goodbye blog, and hello to a much more integrated route to serving you.

Yours ever (if you become a subscriber),

Patrick M Mayfield

The Shire, Middle Earth (which is near Oxford UK)


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