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What is EPiC Leadership? 

What does a  breakthrough change in a university & a 70-year-old grandmother have in common?

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The EPiC Seminar

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A better way of Getting People Behind Your Change

Good influencing, good engagement, good persuasion: these all are counterintuitive to the way most people go about it.


The TELL-THINK-CHANGE sequence rarely works, and yet we all fall into using this approach, again and again.

If we took a different approach, such as finding the bright spots, the positive outliers, the people who are already living the change we want to create, then show them to others, this becomes much more effective. As we relate to others, as we reframe our thinking about how to influence others, as we repeated practice, we discover breakthrough. Our influence and favour grows.

But how do we do this? This requires developing new ways of approaching people, learning new habits of how we relate to people. In our busy lives, we can intend to grow in these skills, but life just gets in the way. We need to practice, but how?

In any endeavour, outstanding results are achieved by practice. That’s why they are outstanding and not normal.

What area in your world are you looking to Change for the Better?

We have had a journalist, seeking to improve the operations of her news room,

an independent consultant seeking to influence his sometimes-difficult clients,

a project manager trying to get requirements from an almost-silent client,

a teacher who is tackling disruptive class members,

a doctor who is want to introduce a new health initiative in her practice,

a self-employed artisan trying to get new business.

All these people began to influence others and lead them in positive change.

Here are some key take-aways from this short video series…

In summary, what we have seen so far in this video series are some key points emerging:

  • We’ve seen how important it is to check ourselves, our attitudes first. What we convey through our inner self towards the other party communicates much more than our words
  • We need to abandon any stereotypes we might have and find what this person or that group are really like. Listen to them and observe them carefully. Stereotypes breed unhelpful prejudice. They create distance where we seek connection.
  • We look for the good, the admirable in those we seek to influence. If we are able to, we should love them. I call it Calling Out the Gold in people.
  • We look for the positive outliers. Make them the heroes. Let them receive the glory. 

Whether it’s

  • one-to-one with a difficult colleague, or
  • a group of reluctant people, or
  • about helping champion positive outlier mothers to save hundreds of thousands of young children, or
  • helping a group of technical people review what they thought about their clients…

these are all stories of what I call EPiC leadership.

EPiC stands for Engaging People iChange. It’s a people-centred approach to leading change. It leads change by engaging, influencing and inviting others into a better future. Helping them become truly affirmed and empowered.

What if you went through Outstanding Change Yourself? What if you began to look at Yourself differently?Would you get different, better results?

We would have the confidence to influence and engage people well from our own experience, and begin to look at ourselves differently.

Note: the approaches you have seen in the videos work in reality.

So, why would they not work for you?

This becomes nothing less than you and me becoming positive outliers ourselves.

Natalia Homolava

Project Manager

The professional training

delivered by Patrick was outstanding. A naturally charismatic leader! Years have passed and I still benefit from his coaching…”

David Tomlinson

Agile PRINCE2 MSO ITIL Trainer

Best book on the subject

The customer/supplier relationship suffers if both parties do not understand the potential for cultural differences to affect communication… For me the best book on the subject is Practical People Engagement by Patrick Mayfield.”

Catherine Ewart

Head of Corporate Communications STFC

Positive & lasting influence

Patrick, Thank you for a stimulating three days. I promise to put my new knowledge to work. I can say with with confidence that you had a positive and lasting influence.”

Jeroen Guertsen

Jeroen Guertsen

Directeur en trainer, Zest Academy

A must-have skill

As Zest we are a consultancy company. Patrick’s “Stakeholder Engagement” training is mandatory for all our personnel – and they all love it…. And yes, I am the trainer.”

Daisey Benson

Stakeholder Engagement Leader

Revisiting this excellent book

by my friend, Patrick Mayfield, as I prepare to embark on a new project.”

John Edmonds FAPM         

Head of PPM, AXELOS 

On Patrick’s book, Leading Yourself:

There is so much that I could comment on…

I seem to be at the point in my life now when I have the increasing urge to ensure that I achieve all that I am able to and want to – the need to leave a legacy. That calls for self-leadership, the subject that Patrick addresses through this excellent book. There is so much in this work that I could comment on … I like this book a lot, and I believe that it is incredibly helpful..”

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The office is now open to accept registrations for this Seminar. It will be open one week only, so that we can start the Seminar together.

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The EPiC Seminar

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Secure Payment

Patrick Mayfield in Prague

Patrick Mayfield

Creator of the EPiC Seminar

About the Author

I have been leading change through technology projects for over 40 years, through an astonishing revolution in information technology, like nothing we could have imagined when I started my career. Yet, I became fascinated by the human side of change. I saw it done badly – even at my own hands, and it made it a lot harder for everybody to move together with the desired change. 

In 2013, I wrote Practical People Engagement: Leading Change through the Power of Relationships. It was subsequently adopted by an international accrediting body as the core source for their qualification in Stakeholder Engagement. Since then, I have been working on this whole area. The EPiC Seminar is the result.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

The EPiC Seminar is not for everyone. It is not fair to you to pretend otherwise.

So, here are some pro’s and con’s of the EPiC Seminar.

The Pros List

  • angle-rightCutting-edge influencing, engagement & leadership learning
  • angle-rightNo simplistic cookie-cutter/join-the-dots methods here. It reflects the realities of engagement in all kinds of different contexts
  • angle-rightAn online environment where you can develop your skills
  • angle-rightA safe & encouraging environment where you can fail and learn, and be applauded by the rest of us
  • angle-rightLifetime access to the online resources

The Cons List

  • angle-rightOnline is not for everybody. Some of us prefer to learn with a coach or a trainer in the room
  • angle-rightNo externally-recognised qualification at the end (although we can put you in touch with organisations that do)
  • angle-rightThe live sessions only last two months – but that is sufficient for most of us to have begun developing new skills

The EPiC Seminar

What You Get on the EPiC Seminar

  • An overall framework of EPiC: a roadmap
  • 40+ video-based units, touring you through the framework, the tools and techniques
  • Downloadable audio files of each video that builds to a complete audio series
  • Downloadable templates, such as the Engagement Target Chart
  • Checklists, such the one for non-negotiable change using the Kübler-Ross four-quadrants
  • The weekly private online meeting, where you hear the breakthroughs, the good news, as well as a chance to discuss further particular points of influence, engagement and persuasion in your own life

EPiC Contains All This

Over 40 units that will will help you grow in this vital Keystone Skill

The Right Engagement Mindset

The Right Mindset

Six units

Contrasts the traditional, limited approach with a more inclusive mindset, a frame of thinking about people engagement that yields far better results. 


The EPiC Framework

Seven units

A roadmap to set you up for success. It is simple but robust. Plus powerful principles and common themes that run all through the engagement journey.

Analysing Stakeholders

Knowing Your People Better

Six units

Making sure you know enough about the people you want to influence & not to “get off on the wrong foot.”Also, how to ensure you don’t miss anyone critical.

Engagement Strategy Module

Crafting Your Engagement

Eight Units

Making sure you collaborate with key people, so that you are not the bottleneck. Learning not to do it all. Also, we explore different approaches.

People Engagement Tailored

Planning an Influencing Campaign

Six Units

Making sure the timing is right, so that you get optimum attention, as well as making sure you communicate clearly, without confusion or mixed messages.

Final Exploring People Engagement Graphic

Leaning to Action

Four+  Units

Adapting to different responses from people can become second nature, so that you become stronger in this critical leadership skill. We have an approach, but we can find, over time, it can be tuned.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 30-day 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t see multiple times the value within your first 30 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it if it only lasts 60 days?

The online meetings only continue for two months, but you have lifetime access to this material. You can come back to it any time you wish.

Can I develop useful skills in only 60 days?

The science on skill acquisition and habit formation is still vague. But what is clear is that consistent repetition in a supportive environment helps new habits and skills stick.

Do I have to be seen on video at the live meetings?

No. If you would rather not, that’s perfectly fine. You can still participate by chat messages or voice. You don’t have to show yourself. However, a lot of people learn to feel comfortable with being on video online after a while. It is closely related to courage we develop when engaging people we don’t know so well with the EPiC approach.

What if I cannot make a Scheduled live meeting?

Every meeting is recorded and uploaded to a private area of the Seminar for everyone to review later.

How can an online group be totally safe?

Good question. We moderate it very carefully. We invite people into what we call a Culture of Honour, where we are invested enough in each  other people that we will not cut them down or abuse them. Anyone who cannot abide by this culture will be asked politely to leave the Seminar.Of course, there is no guarantee that others will be supportive. That’s where learning to be brave comes in!

Does the seminar follow a recognised curriculum?

The closest EPiC comes is to the APMG International’s Stakeholder Engagement qualification.We do follow a planned sequence, but the Seminar format allows for units to be brought forward, if the discussion goes that way.

Will I get a certificate at the end of the Seminar?

Yes, you will. If you are generous with your contributions, you are also likely to continue with a group of supportive friends.

Yes, I want to increase my influence now!

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