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Convert Opponents into Allies

Research is consistent and clear. It shows that the biggest areas of risk in any significant change is the group of people involved. What is called change resistance can be one of our biggest frustrations when it comes to leading any kind of change. Some people seem to be the biggest barriers to our success.

Classic approaches can work sometimes in predictable and repeatable contexts, but what about when you are launching into something quite foreign to the people involved, the so-called stakeholders, and their culture?

But is this really the case? Could there be a way of turning opponents into advocates? Is there a better way of  doing the ‘people thing’ in change, in programmes and projects? 

Sometimes, we do what we do, in the way that we do it, because of our organisation’s culture. But what if that culture is the very reason why change is so hard? What if you were to make a couple of small changes? It could make a dramatically positive impact on influencing those around you.

And what if you are not a people person? What if your experiences with persuading others to cooperate with the changes you are leading have been painful and embarrassing? It is natural to avoid these situations and protect yourself, but this is a career-limiting mistake.

There is a way. It is possible to learn from the high performers, the positive outliers, and this online course shows you how.


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Exploring People Engagement Version 2 (EPE2): Why this Workshop is so ground-breaking…


Currently EPE Contains All This

6 Modules including 39 lessons that will will help you grow in this vital Keystone Skill

The Right Engagement Mindset

The Right Mindset

Six Lessons

Contrasts the traditional, limited approach with a more inclusive mindset, a way of thinking about people engagement that yields far better results. 


An Engagement Framework

Seven Lessons

A roadmap to set you up for success, that  is simple but robust, along with some powerful principles and common themes that run all through the engagement journey.

Analysing Stakeholders

Knowing Your People Better

Six Lessons

The interested groups and individuals, making sure you know enough about them not to “get off on the wrong foot” but also to ensure you don’t miss anyone critical.

Engagement Strategy Module

Shaping Your Engagement

Eight Lessons

Making sure you collaborate with key people so that you are not the bottleneck.You do not try to do it all. Also, we explore different strategies as one size does not fit all!

People Engagement Tailored

Your Engagement Campaign

Six Lessons

Ensuring the timing is right for people, so that you get their optimum attention, as well as making sure you communicate clearly, without creating confusion or mixed messages.

Final Exploring People Engagement Graphic

Leaning to People

Four Lessons

Engaging and adapting to different responses from people becomes second nature, so that you become stronger in this critical leadership skill.

About your Workshop Leader

Hi, I’m Patrick Mayfield. I’m an author, speaker and coach. I coach leaders around the world to become extraordinary, to become positive outliers, people who live more to their full potential in and outside of work. Positive outliers are people who live to their chosen destiny and not from their history, who live more as free creators who choose, rather than live as victims to their circumstances.

I had the opportunity and privilege to be one of the main authors of the acclaimed 2007 edition of Managing Successful Programmes, now a standard resource for many change leaders across the world. I authored the chapters on Vision, Stakeholder Engagement & Leadership, Benefits Management and the Business Case. Also, I was a contributing author to the Change Management Institute’s ‘bible’, The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook (2014).

In 2013 I published my first solo book: Practical People Engagement: Leading Change through the Power of Relationships. Immediately, APMG International approached me to ask whether it could make this book the core reference for the APMG International’s qualification in Stakeholder Engagement. My most recent book is Leading Yourself: Succeeding from the Inside Out (2016).  

I founded the Positive Outlier Academy, an alternative to the constant content constipation offered by business schools and leadership academies, focusing only on those key skills, keystone skills, that we all need to focus upon. With colleagues and clients, I am building a very different kind of self-development experience.

My goal is to equip you well. Who knows? You might become a world-changer!

Patrick SignaturePatrick Mayfield in PraguePractical People Engagement

When You Enrol This is What You’ll Access

Rich Content

Currently, EPE is 6 modules with 39 video-based lessons. 

Downloadable Templates

The workshop supplements the videos, with downloadable audio, templates, and transcripts.

The EPE Community

As well as exclusively weekly group online meetings, we have a rich discussion board.


What People Are Saying…

quote-rightJeroen Guertsen


“As Zest we are a consultancy company. Patrick’s “Stakeholder Engagement” training is mandatory for all our personnel – and they all love it…. And yes, I am the trainer.”

Jeroen Guertsen (Directeur en trainer, Zest Academy, Netherlands)



“Revisiting this excellent book by my friend, Patrick Mayfield as I prepare to embark on a new project.”

Daisey Benson (Stakeholder Engagement Leader)

quote-rightPaul ten Donkelaar


“I really enjoyed the Stakeholder Engagement Masterclass and feel inspired. It has even helped me make a decision for the next project I’ll be doing shortly (have to choose between three…)”

Paul ten Donkelaar (Project Manager)

Is This Workshop Right For You?

It is not for everyone. It’s not meant to be.


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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Why is this a workshop and not an e-course?

As the discussion develop there are always areas of interest or particular topics that people want to explore more deeply. My experience is that this works better than a ‘cookie-cutter’ rigid course structure. It is a much richer experience for everybody. 

If it’s a workshop, doesn’t that mean you just ‘make it up as you go along’?

No. The core curriculum has already been written, based upon my book, Practical People Engagement. Each new version of EPE builds upon the experiences of the previous ones.As with a live workshop, I start with a planned agenda of topics, but I am prepared to add or bend the sequence as the discussion develops.

Can I enroll at any time?

No. This workshop works best when there is a cohort of people going through it together.

So, we open the workshop for registration at certain times every year, and when it closes, it closes.

Is there a qualification at the end of the workshop?

Everyone who completes the programme will receive a certificate. However, this is not an externally-accredited course, it is a workshop. However, much of this workshop will be relevant to the international APMG Stakeholder Engagement Foundation Qualification. If you are interested in this, we can refer you to one of our accredited joint venture partners, who are carefully qualified to train you in this as well as offer you the examination towards the foundation certificate.

Do I have to attend the online video meetings?

No. We extend you the invitation.

However, most people find they add huge value to their learning experience. Recordings will be available most of the time.

Friendships are forged. Community is built over these meetings in a remarkable way.

Didn’t find the answer you’re looking for?

Then contact us at

If the workshop is six to eight weeks, how long  can I have access to the material?

You have lifetime access to this instance of the Workshop. You can return to it whenever you wish.

From time to time, we will release an upgraded and refreshed version of EPE. Your ownership entitles you access the next version and engage with the new cohort of delegates at a small upgrade fee.

How can I get a refund?

Simply email us within the guarantee period and we will issue you your refund. 

Why should I buy this workshop instead of signing up for another online course, for example with Udemy?

Udemy produces many good quality, information-rich e-courses.

We offer a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in practice, rather than merely the know-how; interested in growing skills rather than mere knowledge.And EPE is facilitated by Patrick Mayfield, someone regarded as one of the leading experts in the field.

The value you can get from interaction with the other delegates as a big part of this workshop experience.

How long is each video lesson?

Most videos last between 2 and 10 minutes, with 4’30” being the typical length. This is a deliberate learning design, from feedback from previous courses. 

It seems that most people value shorter, sharper videos, and then to be allowed to work on the material.

What happens next?

When you register you will be sent a welcome email with details of how to log into the Positive Outlier Academy and begin the course. For new registrants, the course is drip-fed; every week a new module is released.

One last thing…

Everybody is unique, and every change context is unique. So, although this is a standard course, think of EPE as your springboard to greater effectiveness in leading change.We are glad to serve you.

Join EPE Today, and improve your engagement & influencing skills!

Instance 1

instalment Plan

In three monthly payments




popular plan

single payment of




When you want your team to grow with you in effective people engagement

enquire now

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