The Change Leaders'
10-Point Checklist

A Busy Leader's Survival Checklist


Change Management is a huge & complex topic.

The author of the checklist, Patrick Mayfield, was one of the contributing authors to the Change Management Institute's The Effective Change Manager's Handbook (2015). The Handbook is the core body of knowledge of the Institute and it runs to nearly 600 pages. Can this be reduced into a few key points? Most of the time, leading change is hectic. So, Patrick has distilled the essence of successful change into ten key indicators.

Change Leaders have valued this checklist as a simple working checklist that they can keep with them.

These are key points because they are:

  • High Leverage. Each one has been proven to have a cascade effect in other areas. Each begins a positive avalanche of change.
  • Complementary. They build upon each other.
  • Positive. Follow these key points and they immediately give you a positive culture of change. Rather than overcoming resistance, these points help you position yourself for credibility and cooperation.

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