Getting Free from Overwhelming Busyness is Easier than You Think

Lead Yourself from Time Poverty to FreedomOur working lives can become brutal, with impossible demands placed upon us.

And many commentators say it is getting worse, and for more of us. Old ways of working seem to fail us, and too often we have this feeling that we will never catch up.

There is a better way of engaging with our work, a way that identifies the kind of changes that shape the world of work in the 21st century.

There are two levels to this new way:

  • some amazing “quick wins”, solutions that give you immediate results. These are important. They gain you breathing space to look up, re-assess and rework; and
  • the deeper level that allows you to sustain and grow a working lifestyle that is more satisfying, rewarding and resilient.

Hi, I’m Patrick Mayfield, author of Leading Yourself: Succeeding from the Inside Out, and of Practical People Engagement: Leading Change through the Power of Relationships.

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