7 Qualities of Exceptional Performers

The Seven Qualities of Exceptional Performers

A Unique Research-Based Summary of the Key Skill Areas for Knowledge Workers in Any Field

About the eBook

What if you only needed to focus on developing yourself in a few key areas?

What would the impact be for you and your career?

In this exclusive eBook, Patrick Mayfield sets out seven of these key areas that he and his colleagues discovered in researching into the high-performing change leader.

The results of this research ask important questions of the business school and leadership academies industry. Could there be an obsession with content, where most of what is on offer makes little or no difference to one’s performance?

What emerged are what Patrick calls Keystone Skillsskills that are the foundation for all productivity for those of us who work mostly with our minds.

These seven qualities or skill groups are generative, developing other related skills in a way that allows us to focus on our own development.

Is this what the business schools and leadership academies say we must learn?

Judge for yourself.

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